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Reasons print design isn’t dead

By Gavin Warren @HaggiePartners

Since the arrival of the digital age people have been quick to pronounce the death of ink on paper. And the popularity of presenting graphic design work in a digital format will only get stronger; the most heard client request last year? “Can you show me how that will look on my phone?”

So is print dead? This is the wrong question to ask. Print is changing, perhaps becoming more niche but it’s alive and well. When it comes to your marketing communications the question to ask is: “When is print the better option?”

So here are some factors you might like to consider when choosing print media.

One of the benefits of print is that you are dealing with a physical product. Properties such as texture and finishes just look better on paper. Nothing can beat a well designed brochure or leaflet to create that wow factor. Paper and print comes into its own when communicating detailed information or for use at events and exhibitions.

A controlled finish
Type, colour and page layouts are much more controllable in print than in digital media. Printed artwork is set and laid out for a specific size whereas digital often has to be responsive and work on multiple screen sizes. With print you can also eliminate distractions such as online ads and pop ups.

The impact
Print and digital media have reversed roles over the years. A tangible, printed piece of artwork now stands out well against a constant barrage of emails, videos and apps. Print is often reserved for high-end opportunities that can leave a lasting brand memory. Print also forces readers to slow down and absorb the message. In this way, print conveys a commitment to quality that reflects well on your brand.

Print and digital are simply two different disciplines of solving a communication problem and both have staying power. Instead of worrying which option is most likely to stand the test of time, ask yourself which media best supports your marketing and communication goals. So to all the pessimists out there I’m happy to report that print is still very much alive.



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