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How communications can help us embrace change

By Jack Moloney @HaggiePartners

With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is inevitable that many are already making plans for Christmas. A time where families over indulge on turkey, ham and other delights and reminisce about the past twelve months.

It’s been a year in which democracies across the western world have surprised us, have reacted to uncertainty and to increasing globalisation by voting for less interaction with an outside world rather than more.

Most starkly we’ve seen the British electorate waving good bye to good old Europe and Donald Trump winning the republican nomination for POTUS (and who knows what will happen in November?). Imagine the odds on an accumulator bet on that 12 months ago. And combine with that Leicester City winning the premier league and unfunny clowns roaming our streets in terrifying numbers and that’s the mortgage paid off. In overwhelming numbers people from all parts of society are looking back to a simpler era with rose-tinted glasses.

Globalisation however has provided many with unprecedented levels of comfort and prosperity. The world has become an ever more interconnected global village and unimaginable information is now only a couple of mouse clicks away.  On top of that, 200 million people were lifted from extreme poverty in the period from 2012 to 2015 alone. Yet despite all of this people are growing sceptical of the direction in which we are heading. There seems a growing and worrying disconnect between reality and perception, causing major geopolitical backlash.

Here lies the challenge for communication. Effective communication does not deceive but enlightens. Communications can shine light on the unknown and as a result can create a level of familiarity among the populous. In other words, public relations, when executed well, informs all stakeholders about the current state of affairs which increases transparency, thus preventing backlash.

2016 has presented us with many challenges which surely will be discussed as the year comes to a close when friends and family get together.

But equally, 2016 has provided many opportunities that we can seize. But whatever these may be let’s communicate better so at Christmas 2017 we’re looking forward with optimism not trepidation.


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