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A perspective on Donald Trump and his contentious war with the news media

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By Colette La Pointe @HaggiePartners

Since announcing his intention to run for president of the United States, President Trump’s relationship with the press has been one of marked conflicts. This rocky relationship came to a head last week in Trump’s 17 February tweet, in which he accused the New York Times, CNN and NBC News among others, of being “fake news media” and the “enemy of the American people”. Read more

By Jack Moloney @HaggiePartners

With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is inevitable that many are already making plans for Christmas. A time where families over indulge on turkey, ham and other delights and reminisce about the past twelve months. Read more

By Dr Adrian Leonard @HaggiePartner

As underwriters, brokers, analysts, claims pros, modellers, software gurus, and all the rest haul their very lightest dark wool suits to the cleaners in advance of Monte Carlo, some will be carrying a related seasonal burden. It’s the time of year when many in our sector begin to feel the dull anxiety brought on by nervous anticipation of a scheduled meeting with a journalist. It can ruin the unique feeling of Monte-citement known only to those who attend the Rendez-vous. It would be so much eased by advanced knowledge of the questions the gentle people of the press intend to ask. Read more

By Gavin Warren @HaggiePartner

Your business may be keeping up with economic and market changes but is your brand keeping pace? If your company is operating the same way today as it did when you launched, you may be in danger of stagnation. No business can afford to rest on its laurels. Read more

By Connor Murphy @HaggiePartners

“The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.” Tom Waits – Step Right Up

Jargon heavy and sometimes worse still ALL UPPER CASE, terms and conditions (T&Cs) have become little more than a nuisance. Be honest, when was the last time you read the T&Cs of a product you’ve bought? For most of us the answer is never, but with the increasing number of occasions that people are being asked to sign them, should there be a shift to more consumer-friendly T&Cs? Read more