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By Becky Young @HaggiePartners

Gingerbread is often used to translate the French term pain d’épices (literally “spice bread”) or the German term Lebkuchen or Pfefferkuchen (pepperbread, literally: pepper cake)

Gingerbread is probably one of the easiest things to bake and the blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and orange zest makes your kitchen smell of Christmas! This recipe is from Konditor and Cook and I have found it to be the most reliable. I have always made them gluten free though by substituting the flour for gluten free plain flour. Read more

By Connor Murphy @HaggiePartners

Bored of ‘Jingle Bells’? Sick of Slade? It’s late December again and by now everywhere you go the same twenty or so Christmas songs ring out from Bonny M to Shaking Stevens, there’s no escape! Read more

By Jakub Stawiski @HaggiePartners

Christmas Day is not the time for the Christmas feast

When you’re Polish, moving into a professional role in the UK can be daunting, let alone when it means you might be spending Christmas in a different country. It takes a while to adapt, particularly as it means fewer presents. Frankly, UK Christmas traditions, for me at least, just don’t make the cut. Read more

By Brian Norris @HaggiePartners

‘Tis the season to hear the same songs repeated endlessly on the radio and none more so than Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’. There are three versions of this song that feature in the top 20 Christmas songs by sales. Read more

By Chanice Smith @HaggiePartners

Christmas is mostly about celebrations and there are so many different elements that contribute to the celebration of Christmas from present-giving to over indulging on the turkey. But in some parts of the world, you may find bizarre and quirky traditions and customs that would raise an eyebrow or two. Read more